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Some of the Clients we worked for:
After some experiences in Business Consulting Practices start-up (Digital Equipment, AT&T Solutions, Sema, HP) and Business Innovation Program for HP Consulting Italy, P. Fedi left HP to start his own Consulting activity, joining also Nergal Consulting as Associate Partner .

Currently P.F. is working for Terna S.p.A. (Italian energy grid management company) as Advisor  for the redesign of the new Italian Grid Management Information System.


P. Fedi competencies derive from a more than twenty five years professional experiences as consultant, manager and executive teacher on self owned companies, Ltds, international corporations on national and international customers and engagements within Telecoms, Government, and Services sectors (Banks, Insurance, Research).


These competencies have been developed through activities such as:

·      management of consulting projects and resources  for organisation design, information systems design and statistics studies;

·      consulting -  on company performances enhancements, processes analysis and re-engineering, informatics architectures design, innovation and change management;

·      consulting practice development;

·      business development for consulting and systems integration;

·      executive education design and delivery.


Delivered with success consulting projects for Corporations, National and International Companies in Italy and abroad (Telecommunication, Government and Service companies: Banks, Insurances, Research, Utilities).

Used to approach innovative areas developing knowledge, competencies and solutions.


Initial professional competencies were related to IT strategy and architectures design, applications development, business requirements and process reengineering and management; further experiences were focused on Business Process Management (process analysis, redesign, enabling factors design and management).

The professional career was after focused on strategies  to exploit information  and communication technology solutions and in innovative consulting practices development in the areas of customer management, benchmarking, knowledge management and innovative channels and technologies utilisation strategies (Internet and Call Centres).

In the latest years, after having been involved in the design and start-up of consulting groups in Digital Equipment, AT&T Solutions, Knowledge Consulting Group, Sema and Hewlett Packard where I worked also on Business Innovation Consulting Initiatives  both for Italy and EMEA HP Consulting and on IT Service Management best practices consulting.


·      Business Consulting Senior Manager – HP Consulting

·      Management Consulting Director – Sema Group S.p.A.

·      Consulting Manager - AT&T Solutions

·      Practice Manager IS Costs – Digital Equipment

·      Account Consultant for Bank of Italy – Digital Equipment

·      Manager Software Development Division – Generale Elettronica S.r.l.

·      Informatics Department Director - Istituto di Studi Informatica e Sistemi.

·      Official Company Lieutenant – Genio Pionieri



·      2009 Teacher on Strategies execution management for Quadrifor - Rome

·      2009 Teacher on Company Strategies and change management for Moneygram Italy Management Team - Rome

·      2008 Teacher on Project management practices for Telethon - Rome

·      2007 Teacher on IT cost accounting methods and processes: Regione del Veneto – Venezia

·      2006 Teacher on SINECTIC: innovative brainstorming practice - European University , Master in Coaching – Rome

·      2006 - 2008 Speaker on Change Management best practices in project management engagements – (PMI Italy PM Forum, ASSOCHANGE Management Meeting, ELIS Master in HR – Rome)  

·      2005 & 2007 Teacher for Elis, Junior Consulting educational program on Best practices on Requirements analysis

·      1997-98 Promoter, designer and teacher of a multi-client  Benchmarking on best practices of Call Centre design and management – Business International Milan-Rome.

·      1999 Teacher on Business Process Redesign in the executive education programme Enel – Rome.

·      1997-99 Teacher on ”Information and Communication Technology impact on company strategies and business processes” – Executive Education Management School ISVOR FIAT Training Centre Marentino – Turin.

·      1997 Teacher and development “Enabling technologies on Knowledge Management practices” within the multi-client study on Knowledge Management best practices  – AT&T Milan.

·      1995-1999 Teacher on Business Process Management on executive education programme  – School of Management ISVOR FIAT Training Centre Marentino – Turin.

·      1995-1996 Teacher on Business Process Management and Project Management  – School of Management ISVOR FIAT – Turin.

·      1996, Teacher and development of  “Customer Management practices and advanced technologies in the  “Multi-client Study on best practices of customer  management”, AT&T Communications Services – Milan.

·      1995, Teacher on Benchmarking methodologies for training seminars offered by The Benchmarking Club – Business International (Rome- Milan).

·      1994, Program Manager and teacher in the  “Multi-client Study on Information Systems cost accounting practices”, Digital – Rome.

·      1984-86, Teacher on Office Automation as enabling factor for company performances (Seminars c/o RAI, IAFE, ICI).

·      1987,  Information System Training Responsible for F.A.O. in the Szarvas Acquaculture Institute , F.A.O. - Szarvas, Hungary.

·      1984, Teacher on Statistic ed Data analysis for Italian and International Commercial  Entrepreneurs, ICI - Selva di Paliano.

·      1981 – 1984, Teacher  in a Business Games session for International Marketing Mix c/o ICE, PROTER, ISDA, GEPI, CESASM, AIC, ICI (Rome-Bari-Spoleto).

·      1981, Teacher in the course  of “Applied informatics for the regional development” Post Graduation Course for Regional and International Development Organisation , University of Piura - Perù (Ministry of  Foreign Affairs – Cooperation for the Development Department).


Committee, Memberships and Organisation roles

·      Member of Board of Directors of Rome chapter in ManagerItalia

·      Member of working groups for the design of the interconnection system of the Italian Ministry of Treasure (management software, Project orientations, Network Architecture) (Ministry of Treasure).

·      Working group member for ASSINFORM-ASSINTEL-AIPA for the Information System of the Observatory of Italian Labour Market (Ministry of Labour).

·      Member of European Symposium Steering Committee DECUS Europe.

·      Representative of SIG Office Automation Italy DECUS.

·      Member of Boards of Directors  Institute for Studies on Informatics and  Systems (I.S.I.S.) S.r.l.

·      Member of Control College General Electronics (GENEL) S.r.l.

·      General Manager Business Process Excellence (BPE) Consulting S.r.l.

·      Member of Boards of Directors Roman Diving Centre  - Centro Romano Attività Subacque.



Some Projects

By competencies areas



·      Start-up of the Business Consulting Practice for HP Consulting (HP Italy)

·      Start-up of the Management Consulting Group for Sema Group SpA ( Italy)

·      Start-up of the Knowledge Consulting Group consulting firm

·      Start-up of the Customer Management Consulting Practice for AT&T Solutions

·      Start-up of the IS Cost accounting Consulting Practice for (Digital Equipment Management Consulting)


Customer Management

·      Multi-client benchmarking study on Call Centre design and management Best Practices with primary Italian and International companies (Telecom, Service and financial companies).

·      Customer Management best practices multi-client study  with five major Italian companies (industry,  finance, insurance).

·      Business process analysis for the help-desk Call Centre for a national store company.

·      Workforce management procedures for a national primary bank Call Centre..

·      Cost benefit analysis for a Call Centre of a Credit Institute.

·      Design of a methodology to approach a new service development.

·      Business Plan for a Joint Venture between a Telecom Company and a Manufacturing Company for Customer Care services.

·      Methodology development for the analysis and strategic directions for the usage of Internet/Intranet technology  «Internet Strategic Workshop».


Knowledge Management

·      Consulting methodologies portfolio assessment and standardization

·      Knowledge Management Assessment practice design.

·      Knowledge Management practice introduction in the product development department of a leading manufacturing company.

·      Multi-client study on knowledge management best practices with five primary Italian companies (Manufacturing, Finance, Service industry).

·      Methodologies development for design and analysis of information systems supporting Knowledge Management practices.


Program & Project management

·      Project management advisor for the redesign and deployment of the Italian Electric Grid control and management information system for Terna S.p.A.

·      Program management for the ICT European e-Government conference (technology partners coordination EDS, Cisco, Siemens, Telecom Italia, IBM)

·      Program management multi-client study on Information Systems cost accounting (6 Top Italian IT spending Companies)

·      Program management for the Business Consulting Community development (major international IT services provider)

·      Project manager for most of the Consultancy Projects delivered during working life

·      Speaker on Change Management best practices in project management engagements – (PMI Italy PM Forum, ASSOCHANGE Management Meeting, ELIS Master in HR – Rome)  

·      Teacher on Business Process Management and Project Management  – School of Management ISVOR FIAT – Turin



·      Benchmarking on three different processes (Customer targeting & acquisition for savings products, Payment & collection at branch counters, Credit management) among 10 primary Italian Banks.

·        Benchmarking projects on Customer Management, Knowledge Management, Call Centre Design & Management (see referenced areas).

·        Competitive international benchmarking study, phase-0, on vehicle financing best strategies.


Change Management

·      Management of Change for 3 yrs Electric Grid SCADA project (running project)

·      Management of Change for 3 yrs Gas Transport SCADA project

·      Communication Plan design for an Italian Local Government Agency to support a regional project

·      Communication Plan design to support an organizational change for EMEA Mgmnt for a major international IT services provider


Company Strategies, design re-engineering and processes management


·      Vision, mission and objectives design for Fondazione di Liegro

·      Vision, mission and objectives design for Rome chapter of ManagerItalia Board of Directors

·      Business process assessment and reengineering for Italian Bid management

·      Business Innovation initiatives design and Country and EMEA Top Management support for implementation for a major international IT services provider

·      ITIL Best Practices assessments and process reengineering for Government and Private organizations

·      Consulting practice organization design driven by Service Adaptive Organization Principles for a major international IT services provider

·      Business continuity assessment & strategy for a major Italian Utility company

·      Electronic identity card management process design for Italy

·      Network Management process design for a major Media Italian company

·      New value chain design, organisation structure design and process model design within organisation redesign of a national utilities company up-front market deregulation.

·      Commercial and Transportation process design within operative redesign of a national utilities company up-front market deregulation.

·      Strategic positioning and organisation design of a Consulting Unit for a Telecom operator.

·      Partnership selection and operative set-up for a Financial European activity for a primary Captive Automotive Financial Service Company.

·      Business process reengineering for the “new product development” process of the Italian subsidiary of a UK primary cable manufacturing company.

·      Change Management for the performance enhancement of three business processes (process reengineering training, advisory and supervision) for a primary national financial service company.

·      Business process organisation preliminary assessment (management Requirement Workshop)  for the IT service company of a national healthcare group.

·      Business process analysis and reengineering for the technical documentation management of the Italian subsidiary of a High-Tech military manufacturing company.

·      Preliminary business process analysis and reengineering for a primary national aero spatial research institute.

·      Business process reengineering and IT functional specifications for the paper provisioning management of a major Italian Government Institution..



·      Innovation workshop based on Synectics for Management Board of ManagerItalia association Rome chapter.

·      Business innovation problem solving for a major international IT service provider on Cost reduction, Proposal development, Customer Service innovation for a major international IT services provider

·      Business Innovation initiatives design (Organization, Resource Sourcing, M&A, ) and financial evaluation and Country and EMEA Top Management support for implementation for a major international IT services provider


Information Systems Architecture

·     Data warehouse Assessment telecom mobile company Austria.

·      Assessment on IT architecture and software development Mobile Telecom operator and Software House Italy.

·      Infrastructure system strategy assessment for National Railway Operator.

·      Management consultancy on IT architecture assessment, Business Process and IT solutions alignment,  Business Process and IT requirements for a Customer Care system and corporate data-warehouse strategy for a mobile telecom operator in Austria.

·       Business process analysis and reengineering and Information Systems requirement definition for national labour institution..

·      Auditing on IT architecture, project management and program development on a client/server project (contract acquisition and management)  for a primary national financial service company.

·      IT functional specifications for the paper provisioning management of a major Italian Government Institution.

·      Message systems integration (IBM/DISOSS, IBM/PROFS, OLIVETTI/CPS/SOS, DIGITAL/ALLIN1) with users PC/DOS (DISPLAYWRITE, WORD, OLITEXT, WPS-plus) for primary industrial group Italy.

·      Integration project for S/36-VAX and PC network for Military documentation office.

·      Feasibility study for a multi site system to transmit documents for Government Offices.

·      Architecture design for the “decoding area” of a Government Office.

·      Architecture design for a media Shop Print of a Government Office.

·      Office Automation feasibility studies and architecture design for an International no-profit organisation

·      Feasibility study for an electronic bulletin board / videotext for international no-profit organisation.

·      Legal Office archive system feasibility study for international no-profit organisation.

·      Feasibility studies and project set-up for office automation systems for some major financial institutions, international organisations, government institutions and utilities companies.

·      Management of SW development projects on TLC applications (switchboard for blind people, and private telephone network permutation registers, videotext

·      Information system set-up for statistic analysis and modelling on energetic and financial matters for national government institutions

·      Design and development of a trading data bank information system for an international no-profit organisation project in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur.


Information Systems Cost Accounting

·      IT cost analysis and cost model development for Italian Regional Public Entity

·      IT costs analysis and rationalisation for  national insurance company.

·      IT costs analysis and IS downsizing feasibility study for a primary national private bank and an engineering national company..

·      Multi-client Study on Cost Accounting best practices (telecommunication, energy, finance, insurance, services, government).


Statistic Analysis

·      Statistic study on water usage on Pontino-Volturno area for a finance institute.

·      Strategic information system design for a manufacturing company.

·      Families household determination factors for Italian taxation system for government agency.

·      Companies turnover determination factors for Italian taxation system for government agency.

·      Analysis and data gathering/computation for energetic model MEDEE III applied to Italian country.